About Merino
Merino is a premium yarn providing a unique blend of fineness and next-to-skin comfort without any of the scratchiness of normal wool. Our garments are made from the finest part of the merino fleece, making them even more exclusive. Warm in winter yet cool in summer, Merino really is a miracle of nature: light-as-a-feather and providing warmth without overheating the wearer. Best of all, it is natural, sustainable and biodegradable.
​Always read the care instructions which accompany your purchase. As a general rule you will be able to either dry clean or hand wash your garment. If hand washing use a gentle, specialised wool detergent.
Irrespective of the method of cleaning, it is highly recommended that the garment be laundered inside-out. This will protect its outer surface, and help to maintain its as new look for longer. When hand washing, it is best to wash garments individually and to avoid any excessive squeezing or wringing by hand.
After washing, it is recommended that you flat dry your garment in the air naturally, avoiding direct sunlight and direct heat. Do not hang your garment on a hanger or line, or place on a radiator as this may distort its shape and damage the yarn.
Your garment should be stored flat in a folded manner rather than on a hanger. Storing a garment on a hanger can lead to the formation of humps on the shoulders and stretching, particularly in length. Before storing, ensure that it is completely dry without any trace of dampness. Garments should be stored in a dry, cool place avoiding direct sunlight. If they are stored wrapped in tissue paper, ensure that it is colourless and of the acid-free variety.

About Our Pompoms
Our pompoms are individually made so each one is unique. If they become squashed, a good shake should sort them out! You can also refresh them by leaving them in a steamy bathroom and then allowing them to dry naturally, well away from any source of direct heat such as a radiator as this will singe the fur. Please do not wrench your pompom off your hat. Instead, carefully divide the two parts of the popper until comes off by itself.