About Merino
Luxurious, delightfully soft and exclusive, merino provides a unique blend of fineness and next-to-skin comfort without any of the scratchiness of normal wool. It drapes beautifully, following the form of the body effortlessly and adding elegance to any outfit. Warm in winter yet cool in summer, merino really is a miracle of nature: light-as-a-feather and providing warmth without overheating the wearer. Best of all, it is natural, sustainable - merino sheep produce a new fleece each year - and biodegradable. Once disposed of, merino will decompose naturally over time.

What is a micron?
A micron (micrometre) is the measurement used to express the actual diameter of a wool fibre. The smaller the number of microns, the finer, softer and more expensive the wool. We choose to use extra-fine supersoft 19.5 micron merino which is particularly rare and produced in only small quantities each year.

About Possum
The fibres of possum fur have a hollow structure which allows them to retain warmth whilst simultaneously maintaining incredible lightness.
The only other animal with this amazing insulating fur is the polar bear! The blending of merino with possum results in a fabric that is lightweight, twice as warm as wool, highly resistant to pilling and opulently soft to the touch.